Types of Computers

Personal computers

Basing on construction, power, and usage, computers can be divided in several groups, but the most common type of computer is personal computer. Personal computer or so called PC is a computer that is meant for general and individual usage. It is used in many spheres of live for various works, for example, at home, in the office, in trading, etc. Range of works that can be done with a computer is very wide, starting with creating of simple text document and finishing with management of manufacturing process.

Personal computers can be divided in two groups – desktop computers and portable computers. Desktop computers are designed to be placed on the table or on the other suitable, stationary location. Desktop computers usually consist of several interconnected devices, and they are designed to operate indoors, for example, at home or in the office. Portable computers are mainly used by people who need to move and work on the computer, regardless of its location.

Examples of portable computers are tablets, notebooks / laptops, and personal digital assistants:

  • Tablets or, in other words, tablet personal computers usually have a touch screen. In order to keep the computer in your hand as a tablet, it has special programs for input and processing of handwriting and drawing. Tablets can be used in places where the usage of notebooks is inconvenient or they do not provide the necessary functionality. For example, tablets are easier to use if the data input has to be done while standing or walking. They can be used in education, health care, agriculture, etc. There are several types of tablets – booklet PC, slates, and convertibles. Booklet PC can be used for surfing in the Internet, as a digital planner, for e-book reading, for watching TV and videos, for music playback, etc. In the case of slates, data input is done by the screen, but convertibles have both the screen and the keyboard.
  • Notebooks or, in other words, laptops are lightweight, portable personal computers, which have a folding, flat display. All the notebook devices are integrated into a single corps, but it is also possible to connect the same external devices that are used for desktop computers.
  • Personal digital assistants are palm-sized computers for recording of personal information by using a special pencil. They can be used for recording of different notes or as a scheduler. Personal digital assistants are also small format programs for text processing and calculations. For information update personal digital assistants can be connected to desktop computers or notebooks as well.

Mainframe computers

For storing and processing of data large companies are using mainframe computers – special computers that are bigger and more powerful. Capacity of information, which can be stored in mainframe computers, can be several hundred or thousand times larger than the information capacity in personal computers. Usually mainframe computers accumulate, store, and process large databases, for example, registers of residents, hospital patients, and bank customers. Very big and powerful computers are known as supercomputers. Sometimes supercomputers are created by connecting many individual computers for solving of common problem.