How to Take Care of Your Computer?

Monitor, keyboard, mouse – the dust can accumulate everywhere. It sometimes causes unpleasant moments because it seems that we cannot get them completely clean. How to clean your computer correctly, not damaging it? How to clean all the dust and what cleaning products to use?

Computer has to regularly be cleaned of dust and other dirt, which are accumulated on its corps. If your computer is full of dust, it not only looks bad, but also causes harm to the quality of its work. When the dirt has accumulated, activity of fan in your computer gets slower, and the computer has difficulties with cooling, so it heats up faster. Because of excess heat the entire internal system of computer may burn. In order to protect your computer and avoid unnecessary and large financial loss, pay more attention to the cleaning of your computer, trying to do it more often.

How to clean your computer?

Before you start the big cleaning, do not forget to disconnect the computer from the electrical system. Experts recommend to keep your computer disconnected from the electricity for about an hour and only then start the cleaning, as there is a possibility that the computer has accumulated an electricity. Computers certainly must be cleaned with cleaning products that are meant for this purpose. These products can be bought at any computer or electronics store, where you can also get the seller’s advice and guidance what and how to use in order to avoid computer damages.

At first, you have to thoroughly clean the dust from the computer’s corps and carefully clean the keyboard, which usually seems the most difficult task. Dirt from your fingers collects on the keyboard, but all kinds of debris can fall between the keys. Also the dust collects between the keys. In order to perform a quick cleaning of keyboard, it is sufficient to invert the keyboard upside down and blow out it with compressed air. You can clean the keys with some cleaning agent that is meant for plastic cleaning. Thorough cleaning is possible only then, when the plastic surfaces of keys are removed. For most keyboards it can be done by pulling the edge of the key. But before doing so, remember the right order of them because you will have to put them back. There are also keyboards where after the removal of key surface the spring pops up, which should not be lost. When all the keys are removed, the keyboard has to be cleaned with a cloth that is saturated with a cleaning agent. If the dirt is sticky, the cleaning can also be done with water, but before the keyboard is added back, make sure that it is completely dry. Keyboards of laptops have to be cleaned even more carefully, as under the keyboard the computer’s “brain” is located. Cleaning laptops, never use something that is too moist.

The monitor should be cleaned with a cloth of soft structure, which cannot scratch the screen, or with special cleaning wipes. In no case clean it with tissue paper because its fiber can easily scratch the screen. Remember that nothing should be sprayed directly on the screen, but if you need a cleaner – spray it on the cloth and then clean the monitor. The cleaning must be performed gently, not putting the pressure on the screen. Be careful to not to touch the screen with your fingernails, especially if you are cleaning the LCD monitor.

For fan cleaning better ask for the help of specialist, or at least turn to the specialist for its advice how to do it correctly. The fun cleaning should be done at least once in a year, but if you feel that its function decreases, clean it every six months.

Also the mouse should be cleaned every few months. If it has a rotating ball, it should be cleaned with a cloth both by and against the clockwise. These balls are also removable, so by removing it you will be able to clean it better. If your mouse does not have a rotating ball, carefully clean its bottom of the dirt. Mouse surface can be cleaned with special wipes.

If you will clean your computer timely and properly, it will definitely last for a longer period of time and will also look better.