What to Do if Child’s Best Friend is Computer?

Kids love to entertain themselves on the computer – it excites them and drags away them to a completely different world and environment. Unfortunately, this passion is addictive and can cause big psychological and physical problems both for the child itself and for its relatives.

For children the usage of computer and social networks becomes addictive when it becomes the main entertainment of life, when their friends get lost, and they communicate much less in the reality. The computer starts to replace the eating and other forms of entertainment. The addiction can develop in the case of child’s loneliness, when it lacks an attention of its parents and friends. This situation is advantageous for parents because their child finds its own activities and entertainments, so its parents have more free time. The addiction may also develop because of getting in the company, where the computer is very important. In this case the feeling of loneliness and gregarious instinct are two main aspects why does a child dot submit to the addiction.

If parents do not pay attention to this problem timely, the consequences may be dramatic. It is like with any addiction. A child does not go to school, do not learn, do not meet its friends, lagging behind in its development. If the addiction is not prevented timely, a child can develop an aggressive behaviour against all the other people. Good relationships with friends, classmates, and parents may collapse. In the worst case, a child may end up in teenagers prison.

Parents are those who can uproot child’s desire to spend all day at the computer. It should be done as soon as the problem is detected. There should be strict boundaries, for example, to allow your child to spend only 20 minutes at the computer. Parents need to set their own rules and stick to them. At first children usually protest, but afterwards they accept and follow the rules.

In the case where it is impossible to distract a child from the computer, and parents cannot cope with this situation, it is necessary to visit psychologists that are treating different addictions because they will be able to provide the necessary guidance and advices. It is important to offer your child other ways of interacting where it can get new acquaintances and new friends. Summer camps are usually very effective because they can distract a child from the virtual environment.